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Sekiro Bone-Hiya

Scene Overview

Break Down:

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  1. Reference

  2. Bone-Hiya Attachment 

  3. Models

  4. Textures

  5. Unreal Test

Software Used:

  • Maya
  • ZBrush
  • Headus UV
  • Substance Painter
  • Marmoset Toolbag


Original prosthetic arm design by FromSoftware. This was used to assist with making the base arm model.

Prosthetic Arm Reference

2.Bone-Hiya Attachment

The Bone-Hiya attachment is based on the (棒火矢 Bō hiya) which fires a fire arrow from a cannon. The Bō hiya would have exsited in the same time period which Sekiro takes place in; the Sengoku period. The Bone-Hiya could either be used as a crowd control weapon to snare enemies or an sticky remote rocket launcher with area of effect damage. 

Bone-Hiya Weapon Attachment


The High Poly models were made in ZBrush.

 High Poly Prosthetic Arm ZBrush Render

High Poly Bone-Hiya ZBrush Render

The Low Poly models including some Retopo was done in Maya. I considered this an Hero Assist so the poly count is higher then it would normally be for an arm/weapon of a 3rd person character. Also the extra polys helped for close up pictures. 

Arm = 30k Tris 

Bone-Hiya = 9k Tris

Arm & Bone-Hiya Wireframe


The models were UV’d in Maya & HeadusUV. All the maps were baked in Marmoset Toolbag. All the texturing was authored in Substance Painter. Since this is a Hero Assist the final textures maps where exported at 2k resolution; but can be down-scaled in engine if need be.

Arm TXTRS @ 2k : Base Color, Normal, AO, Rough, Metal

Bone-Hiya TXTRS @ 2k : Base Color, Normal, AO, Rough, Metal

5.Unreal Test

Had some fun testing it out in Unreal.